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About Our Custom Made Jewellery

By crafting every piece in house — to your exact specifications — Goldform's custom jewellery eliminates the middlemen of the jewellery trade. Not only does this ensure a competitive price, but it also enables us to offer the highest level of quality control and customer support. And, since we do everything ourselves, none of our work is ever imported from countries with questionable labor practices.
So, just how important is the principle of ‘custom made’ to us? As important as it is to you, whose ideas and desires deserve only the most considered care and execution.

Custom Design

Designing Together
Designing custom jewellery is a bit like translating one language into another — the customer has an idea, an image, or an emotion they want to achieve, and our job as designers and craftsmen is to render that into precious metal and gemstone.
From experience we know how to work with a customer in order to realize their vision. You don’t have to be a designer yourself or an aficionado of jewellery in order to come up with your own unique idea for a piece, as we are always happy to lead the way by providing detailed examples and advice. Many of our customers, once they discover how fun the process of designing a custom piece can be, have come back to do so again and again — and some who were once novices have developed quite a sharp eye for design themselves! 

Stone Selection

Precious and semi-precious stones are the real heart of jewellery design, but the myriad choices available can often be overwhelming. But many customers know exactly what sort of mood they want their piece to convey, what kind of message they want it to send, and our designers can quickly select the appropriate stones to suit our customers’ own unique vision.
With an unparalleled number of choices, and with the ability to literally pick the exact stones you wish to incorporate into your piece, Goldform Jewellers offers something for everyone. And, with our expertise in Gemology, you can always trust our accuracy in grading and pricing.

Platinum or White Gold?
The Difference between Platinum & Gold
Platinum is more dense compared to gold. Think of platinum as a piece of cheese cake and gold as a piece of cake. Both are excellent for jewellery making, but they each have their pros and cons.

Patina, Color, Apparent Scratches, & Hardness
Platinum has a more satin or matte finish after you wear it for a while. Many consumers love the patina and if the piece contains gemstones, the way it complements the brilliance of gemstone(s). While you will typically see minor dings and scratches on your platinum ring over the course of time, it will always stay the exact same white color because it is a pure white alloy.
On the other hand, white gold will tend to keep its luster (shininess) and is harder than platinum. Yes, that’s right, white gold is harder than platinum. A lot of sales people do not know what they are talking about or worse, they know and intentionally mislead consumers about platinum. Typically, in white gold you will see light scratches and a slight off white color over time.

Care & Maintenance
Both, platinum and white gold require maintenance and the cost to maintain them are very similar. With platinum, you should polish it every 18 to 24 months; white gold wearers should polish and rhodium plate it every 18 to 24 months.

Why Does Platinum Cost More?
Platinum rings cost more than gold rings because of a few reasons.
Platinum alloy is more expensive than gold alloy, and because of its greater density (remember: cheesecake vs. cake), platinum weights more than gold. So, if you were to make two rings in exactly the same style, the platinum one will weigh more and therefore cost more since the gram weight will be more.
Second, platinum is harder to work with than gold. Thus, the labor cost to make a platinum ring will be more than gold. Both of these factors combine makes platinum more expensive. But just how expensive? That comes down to the retailer. Most retailers automatically double to triple the price for platinum. They do this because the big companies market platinum as the best and in general, consumers expect to pay significantly more for platinum. As with most businesses, the reality is that it all comes down to marketing and how much some retailers can get away with. Furthermore, most stores do not make their own rings and therefore are subject to the wholesaler pricing.

Restyling / Redesigning
Along with jewellery repairs and custom design, our goldsmiths and designers specialize in restyling your old jewellery that is rarely worn by using it to create a piece of jewellery that you’ll be ecstatic to put on every day. You could sell your jewellery that is out-of-date or that you don’t like, but you get little compared to its value; restyling is a great way preserve the value of these jewels while transforming their style. We’ve restyled everything from engagement rings to heirloom pieces by revitalizing and injecting new life into them. Oftentimes, heirloom jewellery isn’t worn and it just sits in a dark jewellery box. Our jewellers can take that prized heirloom diamond ring and create earrings, a pendant or anything your mind can imagine! 

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