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"I have to take a moment out to rave about our wedding bands and the local jeweller in Ottawa who created them for us.
A few years ago, before we even thought about getting married, Thomas found some very cool fingerprint wedding bands online by a jeweller in Europe. We thought it was a very cool idea and made note that if we ever got married, we wanted something like that. Fast forward a few years and that is exactly what we got!
We brought the idea to Goldform, a local jeweller located on Holland Avenue in Westboro. They were more than enthusiastic about it and we explored our options on how to go about getting the fingerprint onto the ring.
Mine was a bit trickier as my wedding band had to be hand made to fit into my engagement ring. Ben Alexander, our wonderful jeweller, took us through every step and made sure the rings were PERFECT before we went into the engraving process.
What we ended up doing to get the fingerprint onto the ring was printing our fingers all police like all over a sheet of paper (I used 1 sheet but Thomas used 2!). We then circled our favourite and I also blew that one up very big for comparison. These were then sent to the engraver and he hand engraved our fingerprints. As a bonus, we also had our wedding date hand engraved into the inside of each ring.
The end result is stunning and we couldn’t be happier with them.
Thank you to Ben and the whole team at Goldform for helping us to create the BEST WEDDING BANDS EVER!!!"
Liz Bradley
Elizabeth & Jane Photography
I just wanted to say thank you for everything. You made my wedding band exactly, only better, how I wanted it... Thanks again,  Maureen & Cameron Arnott    Read More >
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